PREMIERE: Luke Spook's debut EP is the finest trip you'll ever take

PREMIERE: Luke Spook’s debut EP Waking Up/Feeling Bad is the finest trip you’ll ever take

Luke Spook, known as a founder of Wollongong’s audacious punk group The Pinheads, has stepped away from discordant garage rock into the harmonic sounds of his new solo project.

After taking some time on his own inner journey, he has been reborn. Towing a new band and recently joining the Third Eye Stimuli family, he has not come back empty handed. Today, we bring you his debut EP Waking Up/Feeling Bad.

luke spook waking up/feeling bad

Hello, 1960s? We found your love child Luke Spook, and his new EP Waking Up/Feeling Bad is one your generation missed!

This EP is filled with colourful tracks that will elevate and awaken your mind. Opener Isabella whisks you through an array of hazy goodness, a freaky voyage into the outer reaches.

The music video for Isabella presents us with the band amongst a setting which feels like wonderland. Tripping out with warm, nostalgic tones and kaleidoscopic fades, the dreamy footage perfectly paints the themes of this tune, which Spook describes to be “innocence and evils… the child-like world of fantasy and naivety”.

The EP translates this feeling – like you’ve ingenuously taken a puff on the Caterpillar’s pipe. It’s a hallucinogenic journey amongst lush green plains, warping flowers, cartwheels, and some very, very cool music.

Waking Up/Feeling Bad feels like a cross between the nostalgic vibes of Tim Presley’s White Fence and The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine;  a funky, futuristic tribute to ’60s garage. Yet Spook takes this sound to a new level with curious chord combinations, new-fangled audio tech, and consciousness altering fade-outs.

It’s the most pleasant trip you’ll ever take.

Waking Up/Feeling Bad is out digitally and on cassette via Third Eye Stimuli Records.


If Luke Spook’s debut EP Waking Up/Feeling Bad sets you in the mood to unleash your inner freak, the upcoming EP launch at Otto’s House Party on Friday 13th of July provides the model stage to do so.

Luke Spook will be joined at The World Bar in Sydney by mates The Dandelion, Rosa Maria, The Uplifting Bell Ends, Platonic Groupie, and heaps more. Grab all the details and RSVP here.

Luke Spook live

July 13 – ‘Spooktacular Freakout’ at Otto’s House Party – World Bar, Sydney
July 27 – The Lansdowne, Sydney – supporting ORB
July 28 – Franks Wild Years, Thirroul – bands TBA