Single Premiere: Males – Dead Aware

The aptly named all male 3 piece Males have been buzzing about the blogosphere of late and their smooth pop rock jams are probably to blame for that. The Kiwi band released their EP entitled Run, Run, Run, Males, Males, Males last year and have been spreading that sweet, sweet indie love by touring it all over the place since.


Single Premiere from NZ’s pop-rock trio Males shows us a more punk side of the boys. Goodbye sunshine for now, a deadly storm is passing through.

Their new track Dead Aware is a smooth indie rock song predicated the sound Males have been developing in their relatively short time in the game. Perfectly rounded out, the boys make that roadtrip-style chilled-out alt rock thing seem effortless. Partly, because the track itself has that raw elegance to it that can’t really be faked.

The lead vocals whistle over a low bassline in a very Beatles-like fashion. The whole track is swooped up in a fast-paced melody that very much makes way for you to get your dancing shoes on. The track culminates in an increasing pace and ripping bassline with the vocals declaring “wooaah we’re dead aware”. Whatever it is, that Males want to leave us dead aware of, consider us educated. There’s really only one appropriate response to a track like this one and that’s to make like Fred Astaire.

These boys from Dunedin will be premiering their stuff over here in Australia THIS WEEK (dates below). Run, Run, Run, Males, Males, Males EP is a beautiful combination of chilled out beach pop and slightly dirtier roadtrip pop rock songs. In fact, their poppier tracks like Madeline or Lucky Too put us in mind of Brisbane pop rockers Cub Sport. We are first journey into the Males world on the EP with the somewhat well named Pre-Roll, which is a softer, and smoother melody with more a grittier edge to it. We are then shown a demonstration of Males ability to pump out true pop tracks with aforementioned Madeline.

Madeline is undeniably one of the standout tracks on the EP as a soft pop melody with catchy hooks and lyrics. As either a deliberate or coincidental move, Males tend towards slightly more hard rock style content. A good example of this is So High in which they deliberate over the fact they’ve been “been getting knackered since you and all of your friends are getting so high”.

The lyrics are sung in with a pure crystal tone and the bass curdles and rips in all the right places. Another testament to the fact there’s no real difference between NZ and Australian bands (sorry not sorry). They’re heading towards Aus-land when they take their show to Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

The boys give off a rockier Mac Demarco or a poppier Stones vibe and you don’t need us to tell you that, that is basically a winning sound combination. We can’t wait to see how their stuff translates live!

Dates below:
Thursday 11th Sept– Rics Bar, Bris
Friday 12th Sept-  The Imperial Hotel, Erskineville, Syd
w/ Magic Hands, Snowy Nasdaq
Sunday 14th Sept- Black Wire Records, Syd