PREMIERE: Max Lawrence balances gracefully between power and vulnerability on Icarus

Earlier this year, when Melbourne based singer-songwriter Max Lawrence released his debut single Icarus, we were immediately immersed in his ethereal, indie-pop sounds. The artist crafts delicate pop tunes that balance gracefully between vulnerability and power. Diving into one of his sprawling sonic landscapes will always be a captivating listening experience.

Now, Lawrence has unveiled his stunning new video for the same track, and we’re stoked to be premiering it for you today.

Simultaneously brittle and powerful; Max Lawrence’s debut single feels like treading on ice; as though it could shatter beneath your feet at any moment.

Captured with striking videography, the new video sees Lawrence and his partner George dancing and running together along a picturesque cliffside. With hyper-coloured grass, and deep-blue ocean framing each shot, this video is a truly hypnotic watch.

The track itself is a brittle slice of ethereal sounds, as Lawrence blends chamber and dream pop to create something completely immersive. Once you enter into the singer-songwriter’s boundless sonic territories, you’ll find it incredibly difficult to leave.

In terms of content, Icarus sees Lawrence take an old tale and give it a modern twist, re-modelling our interpretation of the Icarus myth.

“The fable is typically a cautionary tale about Icarus being too ambitious in his pursuit for freedom, but I wanted to turn it on its head and imagine him as noble in his search for a better life, liberated from his shackles, running free in the fields of love,” Lawrence says.

These are still early days for this Melbourne artist, but judging by everything we’ve seen and heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more quality material from Max Lawrence.

For now, do yourself a favour and watch the new video for Icarus above.