PREMIERE: Get stuck into the honey-thick vibes of Kurilpa Reach’s debut EP, Fool’s Fall

Brisbane-based reggae-psych rockers Kurilpa Reach deliver a laid-back, super chill and groovy debut EP on Fool’s Fall.

This six-track EP showcases the band’s diverse sound and their love for melding together different styles to create something easy on the ears. You’ll be wanting more of their smooth sounds before you’re even through listening to Fool’s Fall.

Kurilpa Reach will posses you right from the first beat of Fool’s Fall and won’t let go until the vocals fade out in Kurilpa Groove – and then you’ll want to listen all over again.

Title track Fool’s Fall opens up the EP. Laid back and easy, this one will take you under with its sexy, sultry vibes and tasteful saxophone lingering in the background.

Band member Luke Miskimmin says the song “pretty much follows the progression of a night, moving from feelings of invincibility through to a very awakening sense of vulnerability.”

“The song came about after a few cloudy band adventures and many washed up mornings spent trying to pick up and piece together the fragmented parts of our own selves.”

A skilful saxophone solo backed by grungy guitar chords mixes things up a little, before the break heads straight to cloud nine.

Rat Race is a slower track that opens with a gentle guitar lick, before diving into lyrics that remind us to be grateful for the life we have, while also reminiscing on the good old times before responsibilities kicked in.

The acoustic Cole’s Song is a melancholic track devoted to a friend of the band who passed away at the age of 18. It’s a personal ode that pays a tender and touching tribute to someone who was very dear to all the members.

Creek Water Running is another slowed-down number evoking a quiet day in a sunny forest, as the lyrics go into all the emotions that we run through after a breakup.

“What you’re running from is only what you’re searching for.”

Kurilpa Groove opens with a drawn-out intro rich with breezy guitars, slow, mysterious melodies, a groovy drum beat and irresistible sax. This song shows you exactly what the band is about as they pay tribute to Brisbane’s magical West End and call for its culture to be protected.

In all, Fool’s Fall displays a band with impressive songwriting chops and some solid musicianship – these tunes will suck you in straight from the first beat and won’t let go of you until those very last vocals fade out.

But even then, you’ll be wanting more of Kurilpa Reach’s insatiably smooth sounds.


Kurilpa Reach will be launching their EP at Brisbane’s Zoo with support from The Baby Breaks and Perve Endings on December 6. Check the event out here.