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PREMIERE: Meraki Minds new EP Persuade Me is a slice of indie-pop heaven

Indie-pop band Meraki Minds have just released their new EP Persuade Me, featuring dreamy guitar melodies, insightful lyrics and clever instrumentation.

The five-piece band from Ballarat, Victoria, only started up in 2017, with parts of the release even recorded in the band’s final year at Ballarat High whilst the rest was recorded in their living room.

Ballarat-based band Meraki Minds have released their new EP Persuade Me, a six-track collection of dreamy melodies, elegant vocals and insightful lyrics.

The band is made up of vocalist Peggy Hills, two electric guitarists Peter Wynen and Sam Bailey , bassist and vocalist Paula Maki, and Josh Horvat on drums, the groups cohesion effectively contributes to a playful, rolling and catchy sound.

The 6 tunes are all different in their own right, with themes such as half-sober conversations, unrequited love and new beginnings. Peggy and Paula of the band said of their song La Da La:

“La Da La is a tentatively budding love story, which puts an emphasis on the idea of time and the lack there of. For instance, wanting to give their love all the time they posses,”

“Ultimately, this song seems to hold a bitter sweet perspective on love and how one can hold onto reservations for fear of an unhappy ending.”

Another song off the EP titled Way Back Round focuses on nostalgia, as Peggy and Paula said:

“This tune is a rather reflective piece lyrically as it talks about the desire to venture back to a certain place in time when things were simpler.”

“The quintessential realisation can occur however, that yourself is the only tangible thing you can be sure won’t die before you do. So, clear the static, mute the voices, and go back round the way you came.”

The band channel this sense of nostalgia into something sonically dynamic. Over the course of the EP’s six-track duration, Meraki Minds pull in myriad directions, never letting their sound sit in one place for too long.

This is perhaps the bands most endearing quality – each new song is a step in a new direction. We can’t wait to see whats next for the young band.

Catch them at their next show at Ballarat’s Karova Lounge supporting Butterfunked on Friday the 29th March.

Listen to Persuade Me above.


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March 20, 2019

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