PREMIERE: Start the day right with Mesmeriser’s new video Hello Sunday Morning

Since dropping their first slice of music back in 2015, Sydney outfit Mesmeriser have crafted a unique sound for themselves.

It’s woozy, bright and rugged; like the early morning sun seeping through the makeshift curtains of your van, and onto your resting head.

Rough Saturday night? There’s no better method of recovery than drinking in the woozy goodness of Mesmeriser’s new video for Hello Sunday Morning.

The band’s most recent track Hello Sunday Morning is a lush and hallucinatory serving of infectious pop-hooks and jangly instrumentation.

Throughout the track, the band breeze through a unique meld of psych, pop, and indie-rock to deliver a sound that’ll stick with you for weeks.

As for the song’s accompanying music video… somebody give this thing an oscar!

The new clip sees frontman Myles Fischer staggering through a standard Sunday morning routine; make a cup of tea, crack a berocca, fry an egg, take a fully-clothed shower with your bandmates. The usual.

Once Fischer is joined by his bandmates Sam Barron and Oscar Sharah, shit gets good. As I’ve always said… there’s no better way to recover from a nasty hangover than snuggling up in bed with your best pals.

Do yourself a favour and watch the video above.