PREMIERE: Monday got you down? Imperial Broads are here to turn that frown-upside down with their fun debut video clip

In their own words, Sydney-based Imperial Broads “make garage music that’s big on three-part harmonies and melodies you can hum on your way home”.  This neat little summary is mirrored perfectly by their debut single, You’re Scared, which was released on August 24th.

Considering this fun-loving desire to marry boppy tunes with purposeful rhythms, perhaps it was only a matter of time until a fun video followed the single. It’s a clip that seems to match the band’s sound perfectly, with its boisterous, to-the-point attitude.

imperial broads

Imperial Broads’ debut film clip for You’re Scared is a sprint less than two minutes long, but we promise you’ll be grinning the whole way through.

At just 1:42, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there simply wouldn’t be enough time to execute an effective clip for this single. Imperial Broads make the wise decision, however, of never overstepping their own ideals in the video.

Set largely in what appears to be a state forest, and with little to no special effects or filters, the clip encapsulates the down-to-earth positivity of the music.  The camera, and indeed the band members, never seem to sit still for long as we’re entranced by the gritty momentum of both the video and the music.

This is not just another band focused solely on creating a lo-fi aura.  In fact, the band seem to be more attentive to a far simpler ideal: fun. With their energetic, ‘70s inspired dance moves, Imperial Broads look like they’re having a stellar time.

What’s more, it feels as if they want us to have fun too. Whether this inclusiveness pertains to the repetition of happy close-ups or the memorable hooks, Imperial Broads succeed at creating work which is, to say the least, infectious.

Although the viewer is well aware of the lack of variety in camera shots or ingenuity of production, it would be remiss to say that these technical choices mar the video.  We’re ready to let the four-piece outfit get away with this wholly DIY vibe because of how true they are to their own style.

Imperial Broads are set for a busy few months, so if you’re a fan of their style, you’ve got a bit to watch out for.  The band are set to play select gigs in Sydney towards the end of September and beginning of October, including in their hometown of Marrickville, and at The Record Crate in Glebe.

They’ve also announced that their debut record, Who Are We Turning Into?, is due out on November 4th.  If it’s as faithful to their harmonically conscious pop-punk style as this video is, it could be one to get your hands on.

For more information about Imperial Broad’s upcoming shows, please click here.