PREMIERE: Muddy Wolfe share their heartfelt new track Hide Away

Since dropping their debut single late last year, Canberra outfit Muddy Wolfe have carved out a unique spot for themselves in the Australian music scene.

With their own individual brand of songwriting, the band craft authentic and incredibly heartfelt folk-rock tunes that simultaneously feel down-to-earth and grandiose.

Simultaneously down-to-earth and grandiose; Canberra outfit Muddy Wolfe’s new single is a captivating and heartfelt slice of indie folk-rock.

On their new single Hide Away, the band weave together elements of soul, blues, folk, rock, and gospel to deliver a sound that belongs entirely to themsleves.

Currently made up of vocalist and electric guitarist guitarist Steve Smith, keyboard and organ player Jonah Myers, vocalist and acoustic guitarist Kim Yang, vocalist Caitlin Magee, bassist Dean.James, and drummer Gavin Veitch, there is an incredible synergy that exists between the band’s members.

Listening to the infectious vocal hooks and textured instrumentation of their new single, the band are air-tight.

While the delivery of the track is near flawless, there is still a genuine, earthy feel to the music.

Hide Away is the latest in a string of highly impressive singles from the band, following The Sun Also Rises and the crunching H.P Fuzz.

Here’s hoping more incredible tunes courtesy of Muddy Wolfe are on the way.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above.