Soft Power will mesmerise you with their new album Easy Listening

Back in April, Melbourne outfit Soft Power released their second album Easy Listening, and honestly, it pains me greatly that I’m only hearing it for the first time this week.

Packed with multiple slow burning, 8-minute plus tracks, the sprawling album still manages to maintain your undivided attention from start to finish. A feat very few musicians working in this genre can achieve.

Easy Listening, the sprawling new album from Melbourne three-piece Soft Power, melds jazz, prog-rock, and psych to deliver something truly mesmerising.

Throughout the record, the three-piece navigate a unique blend of post-rock, jazz, psych, and prog-rock to deliver a truly captivating new album.

With textured instrumentation made up of sharp, air-tight percussion, resonant double-bass lines, and always unpredictable guitar melodies, you’ll be completely transfixed by the band’s laid-back soundscapes.

Album opener Best Foot Forward immediately establishes the band’s ability to seamlessly weave together a variety of genres.

Getting Out Of The Way Of Yourself is one of the album’s punchier tracks, clocking in at only 5:39. It adopts multiple characteristics of psychedelia, as it sails through woozy and hallucinatory guitar work.

By the time album closer The Path Of Glaciers reaches its conclusion, you’ll have been hypnotised by the band’s brilliant, gauzy sounds.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the album above, and catch Soft Power live at any of the following dates:

August 10th – Edinburgh Castle, Brusnwick
August 14th – The Toff In Town, Melbourne
August 17th – Halfback Books, Dee Why
August 18th – Golden Age Cinema & Bar, Sydney

More info here.