PREMIERE: Need to shut the haters down? Packy has your back with No Turnovers

Everyone throw your hands up in the air, the long weekend is here and it’s time to party like you just don’t care!

Okay, my rap skills are lacklustre at best. Packy on the other hand is at the top of his game. The Michigan based rapper is releasing his new single No Turnovers, and there is no better way to get your massive party weekend started. Lead by triumphant horns and a smooth vocal delivery, it’s time to kick the working week to the curb.

Packy No Turnovers

Looking for the perfect track to put your haters down? Michigan rapper Packy delivers with his latest No Turnovers.

Packy has been playing in the hip-hop game for a few years. Hailing from Lansing, Michigan, he began as the emcee in rapper/producer duo, The Specktators. In 2011, The Specktators released their first mixtape, Familiar With Floss, followed by two more  The Sunroom and About That Life. Not too long after the duo released their debut album, The Parlay, which received plenty of love and notching up the #6 spot on the iTunes Hip-Hop chart.

By 2014, The Specktators became an independent label headed by Packy’s producer partner Moe-T, with Packy now focusing his attention as a solo artist. This guy’s mantra is hard work, hitting open mic night’s in Lansing the moment he started rapping, developing a dedicated fan-base. He’s dropped four mixtapes and shared stages with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Chiddy Band and Kid Ink. Not too shabby eh?

Which brings us to his latest single No Turnovers. Like water off a duck’s back, Packy lets the shade thrown at him from haters slide right off. He’s confident and believes in his craft. It comes across in the instrumentation of the track, the horns leading the charge and infusing a sense that this is his victory lap. “Your boy started out as one of the guys / Know he is the guy“, raps Packy, a good indication of his attitude. Sure it’s a brag track, but it’s done as a celebration rather than with aggression.

Speaking of the song Packy notes “I spent the summer in my hometown of Lansing  for the first time in a few years. Been getting to see friends and fam and kinda get re-acclimated with the scene… including any drama that goes along with that. No Turnovers is a freestyle type joint that I wrote one sunny afternoon on the avenue.” That freestyle nature comes through in his flow. It’s relaxed but brimming with energy, expected of someone who cut his teeth freestyling in open mic nights.

With the tight production tying all the sounds together Packy’s charismatic performance is brought front and centre. If your looking for a song that gives no fucks and grins broadly about it then No Turnovers is for you.