PREMIERE: Noah Dillon is captivatingly honest on raw new track Maggots

Noah Dillon sings with a sense of experience. Through his songs, you become immersed in his lyrical storytelling, and honestly, it’s difficult to believe that the project only started in 2017.

It feels as though Dillon has observed every moment of his life in excruciating detail, and is now recounting these observations for our aural benefit.

On his heartfelt new track Maggots, Perth’s Noah Dillon paints a detailed portrait of love, fear, and uncertainty.

Alongside his band, made up of Carla Geneve (lead guitar/backing vocals), Griffith Owen (bass), Hector Morlet (keys), Robyn Blann (violin), and Ashley Skead (drums), Noah Dillon has created an incredibly warm, indie-folk, rock song with a sincerity that’s distinctly Australian.

His new track Maggots is a heartfelt, indie-folk ballad, brimming with stream of consciousness style lyrics that are wry, honest, and descriptive.

So I just slept on your floor like all the maggots at the door,” Dillon sings.

The track simmers and builds into a cathartic final chorus before returning to a raw, minimalistic outro, where Dillon’s vocals are exposed completely. Here he ends with the line: “There’s no need to hide.”

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above, and catch Noah Dillon live at any of the following dates:

May 19th – Maggots Single Launch – The Rosemount Hotel, North Perth
June 23rd – Duncan Saige, Perth