Nothing For Breakfast’s new video for Better Than Anything is exploding with psychotic energy

Hailing from the great Italian city of Florence, it’s really no wonder that four-piece Nothing For Breakfast craft their brand of synth-driven indie-pop tracks with such style and confidence.

On Better Than Anything, the band strut through dreamy and glossy hooks to deliver a track that will seep into your blood stream.

On their new video for Better Than Anything, Nothing For Breakfast manoeuvre through surreal and psychotic imagery to deliver a stylish and charismatic new single.

The band are made up of lead vocalist and guitarist Jonathan Shackelford, backing vocalist and guitar/synth player Samulele Cangi, bassist and synth player Simone Laureana, and drummer Francesco Cangi.

Together, they create energetic synth-pop, disco songs that are gushing with colour and charisma. This is seen best on their new track Better Than Anything.

The new track’s accompanying video is exploding with surreal imagery of aliens playing instruments, and psychotic footage of old-school cartoons, films, and TV commercials.

With this barrage of neon-coloured scenes, you’ll be left feeling like you’ve just stumbled drunkenly through Tokyo in some deranged parallel universe. It’s no wonder the band have received praise from Dave Fridmann (producer of Tame Impala, MGMT, Flaming Lips).

You may wanna keep an eye on this band… as long as they’re making tracks as addictive as this, I’m expecting a big future.

In the meantime, do yourself a favour and watch the new video above.