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PREMIERE: Ode to the majesty of antique clocks or time’s relation to materialism? Find out in Pipe-Eye’s new clip for Tick Tock

The paradoxical nature of time is a matter of complex introspection to most and has been known to blow many minds with the immaterial enormity that it is. Mysterious 60s inspired psych unit, Pipe-Eye, have managed to juxtapose time’s fleeting mortality against its seemingly vast endlessness with their catchy new cut aptly named, Tick Tock.

Pipe-Eye have enjoyed an early boost in their promising musical career as the latest addition to Australian sweethearts, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s record label, Flightless. With backing like that, one can rest assured the project will yield exciting, if slightly bizarre results. The band’s debut EP Cosmic Blip is ready to go, and, with the help of Remote Control Records, will be ready to feast on this Friday. But to get an idea of what they’re all about, here’s their clip for Tick Tock.

Pipe Eye premiere
Backed by musical memories of golden-era psychedelia and industrial visuals, Pipe-Eye groove their way through a swirling ode to Time in their clip for Tick Tock.

Tick Tock is the second single from said release and is accompanied by a quirky black and white video accumulating clips from times gone by that perfectly suit the track. It provides catchy, old school vibes and soul searching, advisory lyrics to boot. Pipe-Eye sound as though they have been catapulted from psychedelia’s heyday in a time warp to tell a cautionary tale to those who are wise enough to listen.

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for mistaking Tick Tock and its video as a simple, loving ode to antique clockwork, a love letter written to some fine examples of time pieces as depicted in the clip (the beauty at 1:48 complete with seal gods is a personal favourite). Those who delve deeper into the meaning will discover that Tick Tock is more of an exploration of time’s relation to materialism. Pipe-Eye themselves state that: Tick Tock reflects upon the human experience and the overwhelming need in society to achieve material success in the face of fleeting time.”

The music seems to achieve this goal, asking questions regarding the fast-paced lives of human beings. Tick Tock gives the advice that we all have been given a thousand times, but need reminding of. It insists that if one is unhappy, one must change before it’s too late; life is too short for regrets, life is too short for working yourself into the ground. This is a message we all can agree on.

Musically, Pipe-Eye create a sound reminiscent of the golden-era of psych with the clear influence of the genre’s originators such as, The Beatles, The Byrds and The Who. Even the lo-fi production of the song adds a vintage tinge to the proceedings that would warm any heart. Effected guitars and relentless, minimal rhythm create a comfortable bed for the simplistic vocal to weave its life affirming lyrical magic. The accompanying video is a collection of footage seemingly from this mid-1900s period depicting a mostly clock-themed black and white era of hard work and hardship. There is a certain darkness to the video that intertwines with the up-beat music to truly drive home the theme of paradox and the unfeasible cornerstone of life that is time.


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September 23, 2015