PREMIERE: Olivia Foy unveils her incredible debut EP First Love

Ever since she dropped her debut single Kiss Me back in May, we’ve been unable to rip our attention away from the captivating pop-country sounds of Melbourne singer-songwriter Olivia Foy.

With her charming vocals and bright instrumentation, Foy crafts the kind of music you can’t help but fall in love with. So today, we’re stoked to be premiering her debut EP First Love.

With the release of her debut EP First Love, Melbourne singer-songwriter Olivia Foy further refines her sound to deliver something truly special.

The new EP is a perfect showcase of Foy’s songwriting abilities – it’s brimming with infectious pop hooks and endearing instrumental arrangements. Across the EP’s five-track duration, Foy weaves together characteristics of pop, country and indie to deliver her own unique sound.

With two singles already under her belt, Foy has already established herself as one of the country’s most promising emerging acts, though with the release of this new EP, she has further refined her music to deliver something truly memorable.

If you haven’t already immersed yourself in Olivia Foy’s addictive sounds, we strongly recommend you do so immediately. And what better way to introduce yourself to her music than with this brand-new EP.

Do yourself a favour and listen to First Love above.