PREMIERE: Fall into Ollie English’s spell-binding new single Holy Water

About six months ago, when South Australian singer-songwriter Ollie English shared his single How Many Times, we were immediately transfixed by his driving, soulful sounds.

Once his powerful vocals seep into your body, you’ll be left hanging on his every word. This is why we’re so excited to be premiering his next single Holy Water for you today.

On his powerful new single Holy Water, Adelaide Hills based singer-songwriter Ollie English will cast a spell on you with his arresting and hypnotic vocals.

Across the new track, English breezes through a unique blend of soul, blues and rock to deliver a sound that is uniquely his own.

As English’s resonant vocals ease the new song into existence, thumping percussion and crunching guitars form Holy Water into an impassioned and bone-rattling slice of music that’ll stick with you for weeks.

Holy Water is a song about the trust you expect from those you love,” English says of the new single.

Trust is fragile because its agreed upon without words, and is only reinforced by faithful action. When something so pure is selfishly exploited we feel heartbroken and defeated.”

These themes of heartbreak are driven home by the artist’s emotive vocal delivery. By Holy Water‘s conclusion, you’ll have been consumed wholly by Ollie English’s spell-binding music.

“Even though this song is inspired by personal experiences of deeply broken trust, I’ve witnessed it abused through systems of faith and in many other environments. I believe we must continue to stand up for faith in love and justice more than ever before.”

Do yourself a favour and listen to Holy Water above.