PREMIERE: Passion, innovation and tears of raw intensity; Mamajae will titillate your musical senses with a touch like no other

Everyone is, to some degree, wound into the monotony of a vanilla existence, where fear of treading out of line or offending someone becomes an inhibitor to personal growth. From young ages we are subtly instilled with the idea that we have to follow in the footsteps of generic societal role models – study, work, abide, pay taxes, die. Perhaps Mamajae,  have figured out how to break loose.


Ever wanted just to break down and cry over the overwhelming power of music? Shed your tears with Mamajae and know you’re not alone

Now I’m sure I’m not the only one who, when hearing this formula spelt out so bluntly, gets an intense desire to break free of such a fate and seek direction in a path that is paved for our own two feet and not for the feet of a line of routine production. But how can we break free? Is there a saving grace? Of course. It is not a linear solution and it varies widely between each of us, but the crux is near-universal: discover that which makes you feel strongest, that which ignites the desire to develop.

For many of us, the catalyst is music. Mamajae, Sydney born mesmerising-soul-psych four piece, are a collective who really know how to light the fire. Having been blessing Sydney and it’s surrounds with their vibrant and diverse sound for quite some time now, Mamajae have truly developed a unique style both in their music as well as in their radiating stage presence. Shows range widely from venues littered throughout the city, manly and the northern beaches all the way to performing in scenic festival settings, such as at 2015’s Psyfari festival in the Capertee Valley.

Mamajae command a firm hold over the explorative psychedelic grooves that ooze from their instruments in a multitude of tonal colours and levels of intensity. They never allow an audience to linger too long in a state of stagnant trance with constant shifts in energy, ranging from steady grooving doors-esque psychedelia to spacey atmospheric indulgence into gigantic wailing sections of immensely passionate musical release.

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I had the pleasure of attending Mamajae’s Psyfari set in 2015 and can confidently attest to their unchained willingness of expression. With crunchily innovative guitar riffs of an often jazzy nature that were complimented by bass that either joined in the riff in climactic sections or provided a cementing pulse for further development, a crowd quickly began to gather, drawn inextricably to the lively atmosphere.

A drummer who clearly knows his way around the kit tied the group together, flawlessly shifting between feels with fills that simultaneously had the audience bouncing and astounded. Most notably, however, was the undeniably raw vigour and charisma that emanated from front-woman Teaghan. With a powerful voice, flexible tone and boast-worthy range, she hypnotised the ears of all those listening. The set concluded with a ballad that grew and grew till Teaghan was wailing with all her might as Honest, Real tears streaked down her face. The piece closed as a 50-something person group of gobsmacked listeners – many of which were crying themselves – swamped Mamajae with hugs in the largest show of genuine gratitude that I’ve ever witnessed.

Expect much more from these societal breakaways over the coming months as they are soon to roll out a new studio single to tantalize our ears. Furthermore, a larger-scale project of recording and releasing a live-film EP is underway as Mamajae attempts to capture their breathtaking live vivacity; a challenging feat indeed but one they will undoubtedly tackle seamlessly. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for any show blessed by their presence as I can guarantee it will be an experience like no other and might even serve as the catalyst needed for you to discover that which lights your inner flame.