PREMIERE: Paul Conrad gives us a haunting new version of Eleanor Dunlop’s Rollin’ On

With deeper bass, dirty, distilling drum beats, chiming whistles and enchanting vocal execution, Paul Conrad’s rework of Eleanor Dunlop’s single Rollin’ On has successfully made an already dreamy track sound like something you’d hear on another planet. Having given the song an extra layer of euphoric happenings, this lavish concoction is one for those looking to escape.

Eleanor Dunlop Paul Conrad rework

Paul Conrad reworks Eleanor Dunlop’s Rollin’ On, a collaboration that sees two of Sydney’s best deliver something that is otherworldly.

From the dark depths of Sydney, Paul Conrad is a music maker with some serious groove. Having recently released his very own Lana Del Rey-esque track Records, his lyrical ability is equally as impressive as his production. Each song and or cover I’ve heard of Conrad’s has given me an internal wave of goodness – it seems this young talent, is both a doctor of the body, and a doctor of the mind.

Dunlop on the other hand, has managed to rise up in many playlists across the country since the release of Rollin On earlier this year, and is continuing to swoop people up and wrap em’ right around her little finger, as she does gig after gig around the place we call home, with her snazzy team of musicians / bandmates – her next being at Newtown Social Club later this month.

Together it sounds as though Conrad and Dunlop are a match made in a sexy musical Eden, and it seems I’m not the only one who thinks so; “In terms of how it came about, I wanted to do something with the original home demo and a friend put me in touch with Paul, they thought we might be a good fit” Dunlop says of the collaboration. “He basically came up with what you hear in a day”.

Her ‘friend’ most definitely had the right idea, and according to Dunlop, us lucky bastards may just be hearing more from the duo in future times “I’m currently working with him on more music, we’re just trying out and experimenting with some ideas and seeing what comes about from that”.

BUT WAIT! Before you proceed to listen to this otherworldly remix, grab yourself a glass o’ wine, a bunch of your most fucked up buddies and let the song softly become one with your spirits. There will be no soul left untouched after listening to this cracker of a track.