PREMIERE: Enter the cinematic universe of Project Frenzy’s ERROR 404

Rutherford-based producer Project Frenzy has been making remixes for years, though since venturing into producing original material, the artist has really kicked things up a notch.

With an album and a string of singles under his belt, Project Frenzy has developed a unique and incredibly captivating sound for himself… and today we’re stoked to be premiering his brand new single Error 404.

Error 404, the cinematic and deeply addictive new track from Rutherford producer Project Frenzy, will crawl beneath your skin and make your body groove.

The new track is a cinematic epic that sees the producer navigate characteristics of house, electronica, and dance to craft a sound that belongs entirely to himself.

With its shimmering, sci-fi synth work, the track will pull you in and maintain your attention from start to finish. Travelling through Error 404 is like manoeuvring through a neon-coloured computerised future – the song wraps itself around you and transports you another place.

Error 404 is the follow up to Circuit Break, an equally epic electronic single the artist dropped earlier this year.

These are still early days in Project Frenzy’s career, but if what we’ve heard so far is anything to go off, we’re in for more great things from this producer.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above.