PREMIERE: Put on your Monday best for Sunday Sheets from Huntly

If you think of layers of oozing melted chocolate or the creamiest body wash lathering up into froths of bubbles, you’re left with the same feelings of utmost content. There’s something exceptionally decedent and wholly satisfying about things that are deliciously smooth and rich but also light enough not to weigh you down, which is exactly how listening to the latest release from soulful three-piece Huntly feels.

Huntly sunday sheets

Smooth and sultry, Sunday Sheets sees Melbourne trio Huntly evolve their sound with much delight.

The Melbourne-based trio can be found dancing along the borders of multiple genres, from R&B and soul to down-tempo electronica all the while blending it seamlessly. Elly Scrine, Andrew McEwan and Charlie Teitelbaum have been honing their talents as a band since the end of 2013, coming together to “Build shows around transparent electronic music.” With heavenly vocals, lush textures and a way of translating emotion into art, Huntly represents a new wave of pop music that’s far from being too aggressive, overwrought or in your face.

Their latest slice of heaven is Sunday Sheets, arguably the best release we’ve seen from the band so far. Huntly’s previous singles such as Go Out and Leave Go Dancing, are still incredibly beautiful pieces worth listening to if you haven’t already but there’s no doubting the band has grown since then. While their previous songs drift towards the ethereal dreamscape side of life, Sunday Sheets takes a slightly edgier and more mature route.

The song clocks in at around four and a half minutes, but could easily be played for hours on end due to its laid back and nature. Starting off with Scrine’s pristine vocals intertwining with woozy synths, Sunday Sheets swells to a subtle yet highly textured number that incorporates layers of female and male vocals and pulsing beats. Pauses throughout the song, particularly around 1.10, work well to create light and shade, echoing that feeling of taking a deep breath in anticipation.

Sunday Sheets is a perfect example of the talent bursting from the seams of Huntly. Having grown immensely in the past few years, the band has emerged with a freshness and electric vibe that’s sure to capture the attention of fans and music lovers all over the place!

Love the song? Love the band? Want to support up and coming Melbourne talent? Huntly are hosting their single launch party this week on Saturday 10 October at The Workers Club in Fitzroy. It’s also doubling as a fundraiser to help the trio collect some $$$ to put towards a very long-awaited debut EP. You can find all the details on Huntly’s Facebook page.