PREMIERE: Quentin Tarantino, if you’re planning a Kill Bill part 3 then Old Salt from Heloise has to be the lead on the soundtrack

When asked, a lot of people will say Kill Bill is their favourite Tarantino movie (Part 1 for those who like plot and Part 2 for those who like characters and LOTS of talking). Taking the whole bloody affair into account, it’s a great film, thanks to sharp dialogue, memorable characters and dynamite action sequences. And the music, who can forget the music? From the’s to the best use of Ironside ever, the soundtrack is just as bad ass as Beatrix Kiddo. While we’re left to wonder if a part 3 will ever happen after ten years of rumours and hearsay we can at the very least get started on making up the next soundtrack right? In that case, Old Salt from the sultry Heloise will do nicely.


Marked by plenty of sass and engaging storytelling, folk singer Heloise is sultry AF with her new single Old Salt.

Heliose began her career as a 15 year old in Tasmania, playing plenty of local shows including The Festival of Voices, The Falls Festival, Junction Arts Festival and Party In The Paddock. 2013 saw the young songwriter release her debut EP Birds In My Mouth, and in the following year she won the Melbourne Music Bank with her song This Is Home. After receiving plenty of love from the likes of triple J, Heloise has released Old Salt, the first taste of her second EP Nothin But The Bones.

The big draw card for this single is the vocals. They’re drawn out, tempered and seductive. If this doesn’t do as a Tarantino track then it would at the very least do well as Bond theme. But let’s not mix up allegories here. The point being there is a dangerous vibe to vocals, an enticing purr that suits the role of a femme fatale or a siren, luring victims unwittingly to their doom. Given the sometimes dreary images of heartbreak laced throughout the lyrics, this sassy vocal delivery gives Old Salt plenty of bite and rubs salt in the wound so you won’t forget for good measure.

Given the recent bloom of the folk music umbrella and the many variations that fall under it, Heloise plays to her strengths on the single, letting her abstract storytelling take the lead. Lending support is an arrangement that is just as sweltering vocals. We open with a nonchalant whistle, the kind that signals the beginning of a pistol duel between a bandit and The Man With No Name at high noon. From there we are greeted by a cascade of ringing guitar a swelling organ which appropriately lends Old Salt plenty of drama.