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PREMIERE: Red Giant Mirage’s new video for ‘Killer Whale’ is a psych-rock gem

Red Giant Mirage, the psych-rock project of Perth’s Brayden Wilmott, has unveiled a new video for Killer Whale.

The track comes off an impending self-titled EP, which will worm its way through our ear canals on March 1st. Judging purely on this single, those ear canals will likely be pretty chuffed.


Indulge in a bit of old school psych-rock with Red Giant Mirage’s hallucinatory new song and video, Killer Whale

Wilmott cooked up the idea for the video with Melbourne animator ThighRash. It features some beautiful Jean Giraud-inspired imagery of an unassuming, lumbering giant making its way through the desert. The video pairs very well with the blissful, lo-fi sounds emanating from the track.

Musically, Wilmott makes no secret of his admiration for 60s psychedelia. He describes the project on Facebook as being “musically inspired by the many relics birthed during the 60s psych-rock explosion.”

Killer Whale certainly incorporates many of the elements that characterised that era. Guitars dance across the sonic field with an unabashed brightness and a warm low end keeps things grounded. It conjures likenesses to the early work of a certain other Western Australian psych-rock project.

Red Giant Mirage will unleash Killer Whale on February 20th.


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February 21, 2020