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PREMIERE: Richard Cuthbert pays homage to the humble house party on his aptly titled single, Party

Everybody loves a good house party.

There’s nothing quite as good as being a loose unit without fear of reprehension from the bouncers or police – just your mates. And they’ll probably forgive you in the morning if you help clean up and buy pizza.

This is the kind of wholesome debauchery that Richard Cuthbert pays homage to in his brand new video for the aptly titled track, Party. What’s even better is that the tune is pure 90s nostalgia gold. Don’t blame us if you feel like getting rowdy like it’s 1994 after watching.

richard cuthbert

Behold the house party in all its wonky-eyed glory in Richard Cuthbert’s booze-soaked, brain-melting new single and video, Party.

Richard Cuthbert has been on our radar for a while now. He demands attention with his ability to blend vivid nostalgic imagery with discordant sonic mayhem. There’s a huge 90s influence in what exudes. Those grungy Dinosaur Jr guitars and loud / soft Weezer dynamics that never really go out of style – it’s all too wonderfully simple.

Party doesn’t stray far from this framework. And there’s no reason it should; Cuthbert nails it on the head. The verses are soft, grappling with existential notions of dealing with heavy hands, hot heads and fruit flies on the ground. The choruses deal with the crippling PTSD of the day after a party.

The interplay between verse and chorus is lovely, with such a massive tonal difference that you can’t wait for the chorus hook to come back around after each meandering verse. It’s 90s house party punk at it’s finest.

Good thing then that the accompanying film clip does everything it can to keep these vibes going. As happy-go-lucky as the song is, Cuthbert takes it up a notch when it comes to visuals. The video is less casual summer backyard party and more I’ve drank 17 beers on a Friday night with some excellent use of a fisheye lens and some trippy visual effects.

It really makes you feel like your stumbling blind-drunk down a hallway at a house party – or the aftermath of a house party. The whole notion of up and down, left and right is completely thrown out the door; there isn’t any real goal, just aimless wandering. Perhaps to drink some water out of a bathroom tap. I don’t know.

In a way this shameful feeling is almost glorified because the song is just so damn carefree. It makes you feel that if you can just get through these next couple of hours, all will be ok, and you can start over once again. We’ve all been there.

Richard Cuthbert will be launching his brand new record, which features this killer tune, at the Oxford Circus tonight! Be sure you get your tickets here. And remember, 16 beers is plenty.



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June 24, 2016