Rufflefeather bring 70's nostalgia and modern twists in Sixation

PREMIERE: Rufflefeather bake us until we’re golden brown in psych vibes with Sixation

They say rock n’ roll is dead. In our candy sweet, over bloated, fanatic McDonalds society, it’s true that we lost some of the genre’s true message along the way. Liberated, emotional outpourings, unafraid of civilisation’s skin-tight mould are few and far between in plain sight, but if you know just where to look, you might stumble upon a gem.


Dancing in a fluorescent haze of 70’s nostalgia, Sixation brings an old school charm into a modern and youthful new age. Rufflefeather are keeping it alive.

Sixation is one of those sparkling emeralds of nostalgia, polished by modern creativity and progression from Rufflefeathera rock n’ roll flag bearer from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. What happened to true creativity? You ask. What happened to taking risks? Nothing, it just became a little more tricky to locate. Sixation, however, rides a Harrier jet of creativity, dropping tender bombs of joy with every minute.

The track is introduced in a flurry of vintage riffs, just born; like Benjamin Button exiting the womb with the body of an experienced senior, so does this riff linger in your mind with the nostalgia of old but remains unequivocally modern in its delivery.

A 70’s psychedelia blossoms on this nostalgia tree, with fuzz-baked guitars soothing your senses and endearing, timeless and pure vocals catching the ear of the beholder with a story to tell. The track rumbles excitedly through a tantalising groove and bounces benevolently from wall to wall of the listener’s colour bursting skull. 6/8 skipping sends the mind into a frenzy of blissed warmth and truly entrances the listener with the song’s vintage charm.

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Like hyper-speed seasons, however, the track soon morphs into what can only be described as a new movement. Almost as a whole new song, the new sonic region is scattered with prog flavours and sprinkled with grooves, deeper still from their hard rocking predecessor.

“Oh no, no, no” chides the vocalist to the song’s invisible protagonist, cheekily jumping between falsetto and a clean, masculine drawl that burns like the lasting embers of a lingering wood fire.

A star-scorching solo ensues, rock god fantasies are fulfilled and guilty musical desires fulfilled, but with a subtle and refined approach that is genuinely refreshing when it comes to guitar solos. A whirlwind drum solo replies and completes the jam-packed gift that is Sixation. 

The new track from Rufflefeather doesn’t miss a beat with all important homage to their rock predecessors and utterly vital innovation that can only come from the minds of some real clever fuckers. It’s a tune not to miss and will undoubtedly leave us all salivating for another taste.

Rufflefeather will be launching their new gem on June 3rd at Waywards with Sundown State and Shamanic