PREMIERE: S.J Smith’s ‘Dojo Daze’ is psych-groove therapy for the soul

S.J Smith has gifted us with the gift of the groove in his latest track Dojo Daze. It’s a big but at the same time, sensitive tune filled to the brim with delectable melodies.

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S.J Smith utilises a minimalist mix of instruments to compile a balanced and extremely functional track. Dojo Daze is a song with undeniable motion.

It’s hard to get over the lush warmth of the song’s characteristic tremolo guitar sound which you can tell has been delicately adjusted to produce a tone unique to Smith’s infectious sound. Extra layers of a distant, echoey guitar form a dynamic soundscape that awaits the blessing of Smith’s soft, sways of warming vocals.

Bolstered by a funky and timely drum-beat, Dojo Daze takes us into an uplifting groove wonderland, as Smith’s sensitive lyricism opens one’s eyes to a brighter picture, riddled with assurances of even better things to come.

And yes it certainly does come – in the form of a saxophone solo fitted with such caramel textures that it could only be described as divine. It’s also the perfect musical bridge to a smooth, minimalist guitar solo, plucked with rhythmic perfection by the man himself.

Percussionists, look no further for rhythmic brilliance than what is presented in S.J Smith’s cowbell breakdowns. If the man wasn’t skilled enough at the rest of the instruments you hear on Dojo Daze, rest assured you’re in for a treat when it comes to Smith’s ability to layer in punctual percussive details at just the right places throughout the song.  They’re the sort of breakdowns you could imagine an old hip-hop DJ would be inspired to buy two records of, just to repeat the groove back-to-back by switching the mixer’s fader back to the beginning of the breakdown.

Dojo Daze is the third single to be released off  S.J Smith’s upcoming album which is sure to cause quite a stir of appraisal, based on the success of his last few releases, one of which received a shortlist in our Needle In The Hay competition.