PREMIERE: Give yourself to the seductive sounds of Sal Valentine’s new single Maxine

I don’t often make promises… but I will promise you this: once you dive into the shimmering and sultry sounds of Auckland artist Sal Valentine’s new single Maxine, you’ll never want to leave.

It feels like a steamy night in with your lover. Like sharing a glass of champagne with your soulmate atop a set of satin sheets on a warm November evening. Candles a’light… and curtains blowin’ in the spring breeze.

There’s no use trying to resist the shimmering and seductive energy of Auckland artist Sal Valentine’s brilliant new single Maxine.

The new track is a glittery melting pot of jazz, funk, pop, and disco… and the result of this delicious concoction is a deeply infectious single that’ll stay in your body for weeks.

Valentine delivers each line with his gauzy, soulful voice – as if he’s breathing each word into your ear. There’s no point trying to resist.

While the song flaunts an enticing, feel-good energy, Valentine explains the song was actually written about a “modern tragedy.”

“It was around two years ago that I had the very fruitful revelation that I didn’t have to wallow in my own bullshit for a few seconds and in fact I could totally wallow in someone else’s,” he says.

Maxine is the second single off the artists upcoming full-length album This Party Blows. And if this new track is anything to go by, we’re in for more great tunes courtesy of the self-professed “idiot jazz child/indie-funk style icon.” 

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above, and catch Sal Valentine live at his Maxine single launch at Whammy Bar, Auckland on July 28th.