PREMIERE: SHVRDZ busts open the vault on their twisted new offering One Life ft. Aerborn

Pronounced as “shards”, Michael Holmes is the magic man behind SHVRDZ, producing hard-hitting dance music with an edge.

Crafting beats since the age of 13, the Brisbane based producer has been producing as SHVRDZ since early 2016, seeing the release of a debut EP Waiting, seven remixes, five singles and a collaborative EP with Brisbane beat-maker Allistere.

Lovers of filthy trap with fat drops, you’ll want listen up as SHVRDZ has unleashed yet another banger and this one is as dirty as ever. Produced and recorded from the comfort of his bedroom studio using only a microphone and his laptop, new single One Life deals with issues surrounding unrealistic body images and the way people portray their personalities over social media. Featuring talented female vocalist native to Brisbane, Aerborn, it’s the perfect balance of dreamy vocals, sharp beats and sonic textures.

Today we witness the accompanying film clip for the first time, a retrograde trip-out directed by Julian D’Arcy.

shvrds one life featuring aerborn

Dance, trap and future bass twist together in harmony in SHVRDZ’ hard hitting, mystical new video One Life featuring Aerborn.

Accompanying the sharp new track is a hard-hitting, mysterious new music video ​featuring Aerborn dressed as a bad-ass angel with blacked-out eyes and huge, white feathered wings. Set in the tranquil surrounds of a green, mossy forrest, the track begins with Aerborn’s majestic, Lana Del Rey-esque vocals and textured sonic overtones.

Zooming out, the forest setting becomes a picture on the wall with a man in a suit looking in. Reaching out and touching the picture, we’re transported into a world of darkness, as the beat drops and we’re overcome by an array of sharp synths and fast paced beats.

Jumping from red and black psychedelics to shots of Aerborn singing, we’re taken back to the art gallery where the man in the suit is surrounded by people so extravagantly dressed they could be mistaken as characters on The Mighty Boosh.

Just as the man and the angelic creature are united in the dark, alternate world in wash of red and blue strobe lights, the man is transported back to the harsh reality of the empty, concrete art gallery.

One Life is a captivating four and a half minutes, with the video clip perfectly in sync with every beat, hook and sonic texture. Conveying a deeper, more meaningful message through a mystical, fantasy-like storyline is a forward-thinking way to address one of societies problems and one can only predict big things to come from SHVRDZ.