PREMIERE: Let those bottled up emotions flow with Lola Sola’s raw, delicate new offering Swim

Many a talented musician have bloomed from Sydney’s inner west, with hidden gem Lola Sola no exception to the rule.

Native to Aotearoa, New Zealand but currently calling Marrickville home, Lola Sola is an indie-pop solo act continuing to shine with an acoustic guitar and the voice of an angel.

Raw and honest, Lola’s music flourishes with emotion, a story forever unravelling through her soulful vocals. Swim is a warm, stripped back track made up of powerful lyrics, soft harmonies and tranquil acoustic melodies.

Having successfully launched a crowd funding campaign for her 2016 EP Walking Back From Hell, Lola walked a similar path on her latest offering Swim, a delicate new track providing nothing short of goosebumps.

Touching on subjects like falling in love and taking chances, Swim is accompanied by a series of captivating shots and majestic aesthetics, resulting in a reflective and emotionally compelling music video.

Beginning with a man and woman jumping into the water, Lola’s lyrics meticulously flow through the video, as she sings “I want to take you deeper, I want to take you deeper”, and “dive off the edge, I want to take you down“, perfectly resonating with the visuals. Surrounded by a tropical oasis, it’s clear the man and woman are very much in love, yet the lyrics reveal a certain sadness and complexity to the story.

Taking us to the present, we see the woman walking alone as she journeys through the forest, blended with past shots of herself and her lover. Finally surfacing from the water alone, the three minute clip takes us on a narrative journey of lost love and the intense feeling of longing for someone.

The three minute track is a beautiful and tranquil offering from the talented singer songwriter, conveying the powerful connection between Lola, her emotions and her experiences.