PREMIERE: Sick of new bands taking the easy road with their clips? The Swamp Stompers jump straight to the big issues with All My Loving

Caught somewhere in the mesh between RnB and rock, The Swamp Stompers display maturity of sound beyond their years on their latest single, All My Loving. Keeping their fans balanced on the edge of their seats, this is the first single we’ve heard from them since the Stevie Wonder-esque Wicked West was released in early January.

It’s been a long wait, but a valid one. For good measure, The Swamp Stompers have cooked up a video clip to accompany All My Loving, marking just their second video to date after last year’s Swamp Stomp Boogie. Opening with an almost Nina Simone-style vocal flurry, the track soon falls into a mellow, RnB feel.

Yet, it does this gradually and with restraint. By all accounts, the clip starts with footage that looks like it could have come from a dating show, or a light-hearted sitcom, as the couple walk, sit and laugh together.

As the track goes on, however, crisp close-up shots of each character’s face reveals a stark emotional distance between the pair, as we’re invited to dig deeper into the dynamic between the two individuals. On top of this, the haunting beauty of the clip is complemented perfectly by the music.

swamp stompers all my love

With its themes of contorted love and emotional turmoil, All My Loving from The Swamp Stompers details the emotional collapse of a young couple’s dysfunctional relationship.

Guest vocals from 2014 The Voice finalist, Holly Tapp, add a sense of mutual anguish as she sings in harmony with the band’s regular frontman, Corey Legge. Guitar reverb and vibraphone interjections also add an aura of mystery about the music, as we’re left wondering what it is that has torn this couple apart.

As the track goes on, shots of the couple together are juxtaposed by footage of the female character walking through dense bushland. The notion that there is something primal behind the couple’s facade of happiness is perfectly manifested here, with both subtlety and clarity.

The female character reaches an idyllic open range when the song releases a kind of musical catharsis. While it doesn’t answer our questions as to the couple’s conflict, this touch is a sublime ending to a truly brooding, emotionally complex track.

If you dig their style, you’re in luck, as The Swamp Stompers are on the verge of embarking on a national tour, and releasing a brand new EP. Having chalked up appearances at Byron Bay Bluesfest, Great Southern Blues Festival and Caloundra Music Festival throughout their four year career, the trio have become accustomed to playing energetic live shows, and will take their craft to various venues throughout the country in the coming months.

Meanwhile, their new EP, Suspended Suns, is set for a November 11 release.