PREMIERE: Step into the surreal fever dream that is Skyscraper Stan’s new video Tarcutta Shade

It was in March of 2015, with the release of his debut album Last Year’s Tune, that we were first introduced to Skyscraper Stan (Stan Woodhouse). The 6’6″ Melbourne-based singer-songwriter has since built himself as one of the country’s most intriguing artists. His tunes are like sweat-soaked fever dreams; mid-summer hallucinations that leave you feeling as though you’re staggering through a slice of the vast and harsh Australian desert.

With the release of a surreal new video, his latest single Tarcutta Shade is no different. It should go without saying that we’re stoked to be premiering it for you today.

For his new video Tarcutta Shade, Melbourne based songwriter Skyscraper Stan has teamed with filmmaker Isaebella Doherty and dance artist Alice Cummins to deliver something truly spellbinding.

The new single sees Woodhouse glide through a dusty blend of country, soul, and rock n’ roll to craft a sound uniquely his own. Inspired themes of sonder, Tarcutta Shade explores the lives of others, weaving through portraits of Australian landscapes – utilizing the land as a character itself.

For the first half of its near five-minute duration, Tarcutta Shade simmers in deep, resonant vocals, earthy guitars, and sparse percussion. With haunting vocal accompaniment in its choruses, the track often feels like some strange spell – it’ll leave you with a wonderful and unexplainable feeling of disorientation. The track then erupts with a searing guitar solo that will wash over you, blanketing every inch of your body. By the time Tarcutta Shade reaches its conclusion, you’ll have been roped in completely by Skyscraper Stan’s dark and deserty sounds.

The song’s new video, directed by Victorian filmmaker Isaebella Doherty, is the perfect visual accompaniment. Surreal and hypnotic, the clip will draw you in and leave you hanging on every scene.

Shot in stunning black and white, the video stars prolific dance artist Alice Cummins. With a spellbinding performance, Cummins draws you into her each and every move. As the song builds in its final moments, so too does the accompanying visual element. The trio of Woodhouse, Cummins and Doherty will leave you completely entranced.

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video for Tarcutta Shade above.