Know your substance: 4 online resources for safe drug taking

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More than ever, drugs are in the public eye. Harm reduction groups have a louder voice, psychedelics are being researched as treatment for the first time since the 1970s, and there has been more large-scale cannabis legalisation than ever before.

Yet in most places, drugs are still illegal and subject to the mercy of a black market. Most users, unless they’ve purchased a testing kit, often don’t know what they’re taking – a dangerous game but one that, unfortunately, is played too often.

Being informed about taking drugs is the first step to having a great experience with them. Here are four online resources anyone can access to learn more about drugs, how they can be dangerous, and how they can be amazing.

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Be informed about your substances! Before your next trip, take a moment to consult these four online resources for safe drug taking.

Psychonaut Wiki

The Psychonaut Wiki is, you guessed it, somewhat of a Wikipedia for drugs. A community-driven encyclopedia documenting all folds of the ‘Psychonaut’ (also including meditation, lucid dreaming, and other practices outside of substance use), this is possibly the most comprehensive online information source for drugs.

A good place to start is their article on Responsible Drug Use, which includes information on minding your dosage, testing kits, dangerous drug combinations and more.


Like the Psychonaut Wiki, Erowid is a resource which collates information on most known drugs. A section on each popular substance class catalogues frequently asked questions, history, medical uses, myths, and more – start with LSD to get an idea.

We recommend cross-referencing any information you find on Erowid and the Psychonaut Wiki against each other. Like Wikipedia both pages are community driven, that said many consider them to be the most comprehensive and truthful on the web.


Despite the specificity of its name, EcstasyData.org provides easy access to lab testing results for a range of drugs including  MDMA, LSD, methamphetamine, cocaine and more.

You can search by location, appearance, and a range of other tags to find out the latest information about the drug you’re hoping to take.


Yes, there is a subreddit for everything. Reddit’s r/drugs community is open to any queries you would have about drug taking, and not a bad resource for the odd funny story.

As always, we recommend cross-referencing any information you find on r/drugs with Erowid and the Psychonaut Wiki.


Ahead of Happy Mag Issue 10, our inaugural Drug Issue, we’re throwing our voice into building a more drug aware world. Find out more about Issue 10 here