PREMIERE: SUMif evokes a chaotic kind of romance on 'Want Me'

PREMIERE: SUMif evokes a chaotic kind of romance on ‘Want Me’

The music of Steph Wells (aka SUMif) is a whirlpool of electronic sounds. Synth lines expand and contract, vocal melodies fly in myriad directions, and rhythms pulsate with a brilliant unpredictability. It’s the kind of music that swirls around your body, leaving you with a wonderful feeling of disorientation.

On her new single Want Me, this unique and experimental approach to songwriting is on full display. The track feels equal parts chaotic and well-thought-out; it’s a sonic explosion, leaving shards of pop shrapnel flying everywhere.

On her new single Want Me, San Francisco-based artist SUMif presents a chaotic and sensual slice of electro-pop brilliance.

From the moment it first glitches into existence, Want Me possesses an unlikely sensual power. Wells’ breathy vocals feel as though they’re being sung directly to you, while the tumultuous production barricades the outside world. In this way, the song feels strangely intimate. In the universe of the track, the world feels like it’s ending — there are still two people left, however, and this feeds the frantic sense of romance.

“This song is about experiencing feelings I never knew I had, and feeling a passion and connection that had been missing my whole life,” Wells says of the track.

The past number of years has seen SUMif release an expansive string of singles, each with its own distinct identity. This latest release, however, feels like a standout. Here, her far-reaching musical vision has been focused into something pointedly frenzied.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above.