Turns out Jerry Seinfeld helped out David Byrne with his Broadway show

Turns out Jerry Seinfeld, best known for Seinfeld (aka the show about nothing) had some input in David Byrne‘s critically acclaimed American Utopia. 

Byrne recently revealed that the comedian gave him some advice on a joke told during the successful Broadway show.

David Byrne / Jerry Seinfeld
Photo – Lane Thoelcke

David Byrne’s Broadway show American Utopia won over comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who helped out by giving some constructive advice.

Former Talking Heads frontman is without question, an excellent writer. He’s penned and performed some instant classics for his band, such a the 1980 hit, Once In A Lifetime. The creative has also thoughtfully discussed the haunting coronavirus and modern society in an essay for his website, Reasons to be Cheerful.

Most recently, his show American Utopia has been selling out the Hudson Theatre without fail, with some seats going for a cool $649. I tell you all this because it makes the frontman seem unstoppable. To be honest, he is. But that didn’t stop him from getting a little help from Mr Seinfeld.

On the Amy Schumer podcast, Byrne tells the public how this all came to be:

“One of the nights you guys came. You brought Jerry Seinfeld and we had some drinks after, and he said, ‘That one joke. You gotta fix it.'”

Seinfeld went on to give Byrne a lesson in comedy that turned out to be useful. Byrne recalls:

“Before I would say, ‘The fireman don’t want you to dance in the aisles, because the dancers in the aisles have an unfair advantage in the event of a fire,’ and Jerry said “Uh huh. The joke is unfair advantage. Always put the joke at the end cause otherwise you’re jumping on top of your own joke.” Some seriously good advice from a not-so serious guy.

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