PREMIERE: Taylor B-W’s new single Be Mine is pure electro-soul magic

There’s something undeniable infectious about the music of Sydney-based singer-songwriter Taylor B-W. Since bursting onto the scene with her single Spark Off The New Year in 2018, she has quickly established her penchant for crafting tracks that feel simultaneously dynamic and well thought-out; they’re always bursting at the seams with explosive energy, but never sacrifice musical acumen.

Now, with the release of her latest single Be Mine, she continues to establish herself as an emerging act to watch. If you’re not already familiar with this name, we strongly recommend you change that.

On her new single Be Mine, Sydney-based singer-songwriter Taylor B-W crafts an irresistibly soulful slice of R&B brilliance.

Throughout the new single, Taylor B-W dances through a blend of soul, R&B, pop, and electronica to deliver a sound uniquely her own. With rich intrumentation, flawless production, and soaring vocal hooks, Be Mine is brimming with the kind of musical energy you can’t help but dance to.

Across its punchy three-minute duration, the song navigates myriad sonic territories—it never sits in one place for too long. One moment you’ll be locked in a soulful groove, and the next you’ll immersed in bright electronic synth lines. One thing’s for sure; by the time the song reaches its conclusion, you’ll be left absolutely spell-bound by B-W’s brilliant concoction of sounds.

These still may be relatively early days for this Sydney songstress, but judging by the quality of what we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more great tunes.

In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to the new single above.