PREMIERE: Dive into the silky sounds of Butter Bath’s debut single Stray Cats

Debut singles can be tough. Many artists take a bit of time to land on a concrete sound, hence their debut offerings often lack direction. Sydney-based artist Butter Bath (real name Toby Anagnostis), however, is not one of these artists.

With the release of his debut single Stray Cats, Anagnostis has immediately established himself as one of the Sydney music scene’s more unique and promising emerging acts. If you’re not already familiar with this name, we strongly recommend you change that.

On his debut single Stray Cats, Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist Butter Bath delivers a woozy slice of psych-soul brilliance.

The new track sees Butter Bath glide through an unusual blend of soul, psych and indie-rock, crafting a sound uniquely his own. With woozy synth lines, bright guitar flourishes, and irresistibly dreamy vocal hooks, Stray Cats is oozing with undeniable indie charm.

Anagnostis showcases his unbounded musical vision here; he successfully pulls in myriad sonic directions. Sultry melodies meld seamlessly into psychedelic grooves, and the result is a track that will seep deep into your bones and stay there for weeks.

These are still early days for this Sydney musician, but judging by the quality of everything we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more great tunes. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to the new single above.