Pumarosa’s new track Heaven takes you exactly there

Pumarosa have released a magnetic new single, Heaven, which is now the second teaser from their highly anticipated album Devastation. 

Heaven is like nothing that’s on the radio right now, making it both a refreshingly unconventional and a perfect soundtrack for your next party.

Pumarosa return with an electrifying new track in Heaven, set to feature on their upcoming album Devastation.

From the very beginning of Heaven, Pumarosa showcase their exceptional musical skills, fuelled by an electric build of house-y beats, vocals and synthesised ’80s vibes.

Frontwoman Isabel Munoz-Newsome’s vocals are crisp with urgency as she calls out the hypnotising lyric “oh won’t you stay.” Her voice has an underlying strength, yet it’s delicate enough to appear as if it’s floating alongside the powerful instrumental riffs. Both complement each other in a way that’s both pleasing to the ear and reflective of the high pedigree of new producer John Congleton.

Munoz-Newsome describes Heaven as being like a love song:

“It’s sadness and longing. When you don’t want it to end. In a weightless place, suspended out of time. I guess that’s just where you find yourself sometimes. And all you want if for the love to stay… I guess ‘Heaven’ has this celestial feel to it though, I can see outer space when I sing it and hear the music. Colours and points of light in endless darkness. Aching!” 

You can definitely sense Isabel’s weightlessness and her desperation for a never-ending night, and sonically the song feels surreal and fantastical but perhaps a little sad. You’ll find yourself wondering what will happen once the music ends.

Pumarosa’s album Devastation is expected to be a thought-provoking journey that questions morality, sexuality and love, so prepare for Heaven’s place to be fully realised once the record hits shelves.


Devastation is out November 1st. Pre-order your copy here.