PREMIERE: The Braves have way more mates than any of us, meet them all in their new clip People

Melbourne’s The Braves have released a dope new video  and it’s so chockas with heartwarming moments that we can barely control our feels.

Nothing is better than keeping it simple and this all-in community values clip is the perfect backdrop to The Braves’ track.  It’s called People and that’s what this video is all about.

Heaps of character and laughter just brings the whole production to life.  Each frame is filled with the band’s friends, telling stories, smoking durries and being downright nuisances.

The Braves

They’re young and old, boys and girls, rough and sweet. With each frame you can’t help but fall in love with The Braves and the innocent and natural presence of the people in their lives.

The Braves have given us a shredded, high voltage track in People, a standout even without the visuals. The guitar is bold and sharp, a sticky attitude oozing out of each and every riff.  Never losing its energy, the track traverses friendships and the differences between people, but also the importance of working together and community.

It’s a hard thing to do, mixing gritty and loud rock with a softer story, yet The Braves have done it with artisanal skill.

What I love about this video is how homemade it is. Not attempting to spend big on glossy perfection, the boys have opted for something that reflects the spontaneity of the video’s narrative. It’s haphazard and messy, but that’s the point. The people are real and fun, it’s not perfect but it perfectly sums up the experience of hanging out with great mates. 

People is being officially released at The Brave’s upcoming launch on November 24th at The Tote. For now, we have this banger of a clip to keep us entertained. We can only hope and pray that the legends who feature in the People music video will be present and ready to party.