Got friends? You’re probably not as tight as these guys though… cause they’re Heaps Good Friends

Adelaide is far from the sleepy town some people think it is.  In fact we could put its excellence down to the fact that it creates acts like Heaps Good Friends.

Now touring with The Jungle Giants and boasting a few singles under the belt, it seems that there’s no stopping them. Happy sat down with Nick and Emma to discuss just how good friends they really are and the double acts they are loving.

heaps good friends

South Australian duo Heaps Good Friends have been mates over a decade. With their super catchy singles Let’s Hug Longer and Olympic Sneakers, it was clear they couldn’t be ignored.

HAPPY: So you guys are presumably best friends… or is it all irony and you actually can’t stand each other?

EMMA: PAHA! What qualifies a Heaps Good Friend? For us – we’ve been friends for 11 years! But I was 16 and Nick was mid 20s when we met so back then he was my heaps good mentor, then my heaps good Adelaide friend (when I lived I Port Pirie), and now Nick’s like my heaps good brother! But yes. We are in fact; Heaps Good Friends.

NICK: Emma was interesting to me. She was angular and had a strong point of view. I wanted to learn more about what she thought and how she could be so confident in her opinions. It was fun recording and producing her early music and in a way I think us growing together back then sowed a seed for our heaps good adventures now.

HAPPY: Tell me a bit about your beginnings, friendship is always a great place to start, but musically how did Heaps Good Friends come to be?

EMMA: As I shared before – Nick came to Port Pirie to run a music and drama workshop for a week with some other teens in the area. He was one of the first people I shared my songs with as a shy 16 year old. He received it really well and recorded my first EP! It was called Trophy Dilemma. We’ve done a handful of projects over the years but kinda knew none of them were fully scratching the itch…

Heaps Good Friends officially started May last year; I had returned to Australia after years away in Canada and England and we wrote this special 80s sad pop number, birthed on Nick’s Korg Poly 800 Synth. A few tracks later Lets Hug Longer appeared and now… we’re here.

NICK: Ditto.

HAPPY: There are some killer double acts out there, who are the top three duos that you guys think absolutely kill it?

EMMA: Every time I see a Polish Club poster or video I scrunch my face in determination and throw my hair around. That says something!

NICK: DEATH FROM ABOOOOOOVE… with The 1979… and without. ROYAL BLOOD! LOVE! DZ D’RAYZ… heaps of ’em…

HAPPY: You guys are from Adelaide, we are seeing some great music coming out of South Australia at the moment but I’ve never been. What’s the first thing someone should know about your hometown?

NICK: Everyone should know to forget what they think they know (Probs good advice for anywhere really). Adelaide’s rad cos there’s no pressure.

EMMA: Do your thing, no one’s too cool. Adelaide is very strong across the industry right now. It’s killer to be a part of. As far as I’m aware we also have some of the best arts funding for music nationally which is rad.

HAPPY: Jungle Giants! Touring is so exciting, how have you guys found touring yourselves and what are you most looking forward to on this one?

EMMA: TJG tour = DREAM! We have toured separately in other acts but never together, should be an adventure! I’m looking forward to sharing our average Joe lyrics with all of Australia, hugging some new fans and gelling together with our new drummer Dan.

HAPPY: What next? Let’s Hug Longer is clearly blowing us all away, anything else in the pipeline?

EMMA: Our second single Olympic Sneakers just came out and is kicking on nicely… we’re writing more whenever we can! We want to make our live show the best it can be this tour – so that’s the focus for now.