The posters advertising Liam Gallagher’s album are just his best Tweets, because why not?

Mad lad Liam Gallagher is a funny one, in that often his fiery banter reaches a far greater audience than his music. Whether it’s the endless feud with brother Noel or red-hot disses at, well, whoever he’s feeling down on, the man knows how to sling a few words.

And it seems like his marketing team has finally caught on. Someone has spotted a few posters around Sydney promoting Gallagher’s album and upcoming tour, but rather than his face, his lyrics or even his album cover taking prominence, it’s a select few Tweets.

as you were liam gallagher tweets

Who needs publicity when you’re fucking Liam Gallagher? This album promo for As You Were is next level, showing up of all places in Sydney.

Spotted by Twitter user Michael Hartt, the trifecta of posters are basically a Greatest Hits record of Liam’s tightest witticisms under 140 characters. All ending with his trademarked “as you were LG x”, it’s on-brand, eye catching and 100 percent Gallagher.

Check out the post below.

The former Oasis frontman has spent the better part of his career crafting a certain image around himself, if anything revelling in the dissonance he too often causes. If you want our advice, try not to hate the man for his words and actions, rather grab the popcorn and lap up the bants. Separating the artist from the art, and all that jazz.

The posters so far certainly show the best sides of Liam’s character, but we’re still rooting for this gem to show up somewhere:

Maybe it’s a little too visual?

These ones were spotted around Waterloo in Sydney. Drop us a line if you catch any yourself, we want to eat ’em up. It even seems like we’re the lucky city to get the poster treatment, with a series of bland, minimalistic album billboards popping up in Manchester and elsewhere.

Meanwhile in Gallagher-ville, Liam dropped his latest single For What It’s Worth just last week. Check out a live performance of the track below. He’s also been booked for Falls Festival and two sideshows, which quickly sold out before being upgraded to larger venues.

Catch Liam Gallagher around Australia this NYE, playing Falls Festival and two sideshows. As You Were is out this Friday, October 6th.

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