PREMIERE: The Dead Love are your favourite pair of dealers with Love Drugs

When they left us, we were thirsty for more. We had a taste, but it just wasn’t enough to satisfy the cravings. Lucky for us, Sydney boys The Dead Love are at it again with their take on grunge rock. After setting the bar high with their last single Wastelands, Clint Ossington and Stevie Knight are releasing yet another banger Love Drugs.

Love Drugs

Upping the party vibes, Sydney two-piece The Dead Love have another ripper on their hands with Love Drugs. It’s so good you’ll be jonesing for more in no time.

Already having tremendous success with their album Transitions as well as bringing to life a new grunge favourite in Wastelands, the band have announced dates for their April shows this year and after hearing Love Drugs we’re pumped it will be on their set-list. If Wastelands was anything to go by, it’s no surprise this song surpasses our expectations. It has the right balance between roaring lead guitar and rhythm, a steady beat and strong lucid vocals shaping that grunge rock persona.

Unlike Wastelands, Love Drugs explodes from the get-go with high energy and maintains a consistent party vibe throughout the tune. It’s up-tempo and has an addictive beat that could raise the dead just for a boogie. Not only is it fun to dance to, it gives us a dose of the warm fuzzies. The tune exudes good times and happy feels purely through the instrumentals.

At times the lyrics will have you feeling a little mushy; “Nothing’s wrong, I’ve got a good feeling, that it’s all going to change for the better.” What people love more than a good heart-wrenching ballad, is a great high spirits song that reminds us why we love music and why we need it when we’re down. If positivity isn’t enough, lets indulge in a little loving; “Grab my hand, I got a good plan, you and me can be together. Cos I’m feeling love tonight, and this love drug feels alright.” The use of love and drug reiterates a feeling of addictiveness that no one wants to kick.

Love Drugs is everything we expected. It’s got heart while maintaining the blistering rock and roll sound. However, if there is one thing that’s missing, it’s the length. Just as the song really starts to kick in, it ends, leaving listeners feeling high spirited and amped up only to have their party cut short. Of course, it’s easy to rewind and press play again, but a little more wouldn’t hurt.

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