PREMIERE: Transform yourself with Little House, the debut music video from KA-TYA

The latest release from Soviet born singer and producer KA-TYA is an indie pop landscape bathed in shadow and light. Little House captures exactly what her artistry is all about in the most enigmatic and visually enticing way.

Her existing music already met with overwhelming praise and acclaim, KA-TYA is a breathe of fresh air.

The clip itself is simple and gripping. Filled with drama and sorrow, KA-TYA has nailed the art of hooking an audience with her haunting vocals and emotional sensuality. The use of the piano in a sparse room, while seemingly minimal, evokes a sense of mystery and intrigue which keeps you watching all the way to the end.


Equally ethereal as it is grounding, Little House from KA-TYA is a masterpiece of subtle cinematography and carefully crafted lyricism.

Little House interweaves flickers of memory between the sparse piano shots. The artist herself has described how the process of writing this song was inspired largely by her childhood memories. Triggered by the uncovering of a dusty VHS at her parents’ own home in the Ukraine, KA-TYA aka Katia Pshenichner was moved by the reflections it caused in her spirit.

When you listen more closely, her connection to traditional Russian folk music becomes apparent. Darting in and out of multiple sonic spheres, KA-TYA is an artist whose craft has been honed over a number of years and experiences.

Teaming up with New York based actor Stephen Stocking, Little House was born. A poetic dance between memory and reality, the effortlessness of this production and the quality of its filmmaking make it an absolute standout.

Currently writing and performing out of New York City, KA-TYA and her unique dark take on traditional indie pop is best experienced in person. This latest release has us guessing it won’t be long until she is hitting stages again.