PREMIERE: Breakups suck. TYA show it all too well in stunning new clip Boston Shelves

Heartbreak bloody sucks. There are so many expectations of where a relationship is headed, plans for the future and an unspoken trust between two people. And so when all that’s left are memories of when you were happy, accompanied by the aching pain of rejection and mourning, you can often find yourself a little worse for wear.

Brisbane band TYA have managed to capture this perfectly in their latest clip Boston Shelves. Beneath slow, sombre melodies and light handed instrumentation, the narrative behind this clip is where you attention should be drawn.

This is a really moving clip by TYA. The whole thing feels incredibly real, which I guess is the point of it all.

TYA have perfectly captured how broken you feel when something was so tangible and honest, and then all of a sudden it’s gone.

Following a young couple on an exciting and love filled holiday, their sweet and devoted attention to each other and the overwhelming sense of fun, love and adventure is clearer than anything. Well shot in a natural handheld style, you feel like you are a part of this wonderful moment in this couple’s lives. But listen closely and you realise that the clip is actually just a scrapbook of bittersweet memories and a relationship lost.

Of Boston Shelves, TYA had the following to share.

“The beautifully traumatic experience of heartbreak I guess. The overwhelming, sinking feeling of losing someone you shared so much with and felt so close to. The feeling you get when you realise the future you had in mind for each other is no longer reality.”

“The longing and almost psychopathic/ irrational desire to be with that person again. The use of substances in attempt drown the pain, the human condition, all that good stuff. Heart break is a wild ride”

TYA have absolutely nailed it with Boston Shelves, and we can’t wait to see what else is to come.


Boston Shelves comes from TYA’s No Money, More Love  EP. Listen here.