2003’s seminal double album from Outkast restored our faith in humanity. 14 years later it’s getting a vinyl reissue and we’re feeling the love below!

Just when everything felt like it was lost and we were ready to throw in our collective proverbial towels, Andre 3000 hit us with the best song ever written in the history of music, in the history of songs.

hey ya best song ever

If there’s one thing that all music critics across the world can agree on it’s that Hey Ya is the best song ever recorded. We’re stoked that it’s being reissued on vinyl.

Yeah, Hey Ya changed the world and Outkast proved that not all was lost. Today it’s been revealed that Outkast will reissue give their beloved fifth studio album, Speakerboxxx/Love Below on wax!

andre 3000 on vinyl

Originally released back in 2003 by LaFace Records, the release is split into two solo albums by the group’s members. Big Boi’s Speakerboxxx is a P-Funk-influenced 808-driven hip hop album, while André 3000 draws on a range of flavours including psychedelic, pop, funk, electro, and jazz on The Love Below.

“Both albums display the playful experimentation of their two very distinct styles and yet it is still undoubtedly an Outkast album,” says the label. Find the tracklist below.

Due on 7 April via Legacy Vinyl pre-orders can be placed here.

Side A
1 Intro (1:29)
2 GhettoMusick (Club Mix) (3:56)
3 Unhappy (3:19)
4 Bowtie (3:54)
5 The Way You Move (Club Mix) (3:53)

Side B
1. The Rooster (3:57)
2. Bust (3:08)
3. War (2:43)
4. Church (Main) (3:27)

Side C
1. Bamboo (Interlude) (2:11)
2. Tomb Of The Boom (4:44)
3. E-Mac (Interlude) (0:24)
4. Knowing (3:31)
5. Flip Flop Rock (4:35)

Side D
1. Interlude (1:15)
2. Reset (4:35)
3. D-Boi (Interlude) (0:40)
4. Last Call (3:57)
5. Bowtie (Postlude) (0:35)

Love Below

Side A
1. The Love Below (Intro) (1:27)
2. Love Hater (2:49)
3. God (Interlude) (2:20)
4. Happy Valentine’s Day (5:23)
5. Spread (3:51)
6. Where Are My Panties (1:54)

Side B
1. Prototype (5:26)
2. She Lives In My Lap (4:27)
3. Hey Ya! (Radio Mix/Club Mix) (3:58)
4. Roses (6:09)

Side C
1. Good Day, Good Sir (1:24)
2. Behold A Lady (4:37)
3. Pink & Blue (5:04)
4. Love In War (3:25)
5. She’s Alive (4:06)

Side D
1. Dracula’s Wedding (2:32)
2. My Favorite Things (5:12)
3. Take Off Your Cool (2:38)
4. Vibrate (6:33)
5. A Life In The of Benjamin Andre (Incomplete) (5:11)