Take a trip back to Swinging London with the iconic work of photographer Brian Duffy

A new exhibition is reviving the bold and vibrant style of Swinging London with a showcase of the work of iconic photographer, Brian Duffy.

Brian duffy swinging sixties
Queen, Kings Road, 1968

Take a trip back to Swinging London with this new photo exhibition showcasing the work of iconic cult photographer, Brian Duffy.

Remembered for his collaborations with London’s cultural elite – from David Bowie (Duffy shot the iconic cover for Aladdin Sane) and John Lennon to Jean Shrimpton and Jane Birkin – Duffy fervently explored the emerging youth-driven shifts in art, music, fashion and culture throughout the 60s and 70s.

Passing away in 2010, he left behind an exceptional photographic legacy, however much of his work was destroyed in 1979 when he burned a large number of his negatives in a backyard fire after becoming disillusioned with his career and the industry.

He did, however, leave behind a small number of signed works, and many of these are being shown at the exhibition, appropriately titled Sixties Style: Shot by Duffy. You can read more about the exhibition here, or take a trip to Swinging London below. All photos credit to Brian Duffy via Proud Central.

Brian Duffy Sixties Style
Doublement Mieux, French Elle 1963
Jean Shrimpton, Studio Photograph, 1963
Brian Duffy Sixties Style
Paulene Stone, Color Gels, Town Magazine, 1963
Brian Duffy Sixties Style
Michael Caine Smoking, 1964
Brian Duffy Sixties Style
John Lennon with UFO Detector, 1965
Brian Duffy Sixties Style
Love, Queen Magazine, 1968
brian duffy jane birkin
Jane Birkin, Floating-Queen, 1965