PREMIERE: On their new track Bitch, The Knowgoods exit a relationship in the most epic way possible

Sydney’s favourite family band The Knowgoods are a no-bullshit band. Their subject matter is straight to the point, and their music is straight-up, no frills rock n’ roll.

While their sound is reminiscent of Aussie pub rock of the past, The Knowgoods’ refusal to beat around the bush is really damn refreshing – and quite uncommon in music these days.

On their new track Bitch, Sydney five-piece The Knowgoods escape the shackles of a past relationship with fury and uncontrollable energy.

On their new single Bitch, the five-piece fly through crunching guitars and soaring vocals to deliver a scathing, brutally honest assessment of a past relationship.

While the track begins subtly with a lone guitar and soulful vocals, it wastes no time before exploding into an all-out frenzy of energetic rock n’ roll. The song builds into an epic anthem that concludes with a truly cathartic guitar solo.

By its conclusion, you’ll want to throw your hands in the air and belt out the chorus alongside the band.

Bitch is the first single off The Knowgoods debut full-length album, which – considering the quality of this first single – is set to be a bloody ripper. You can pre-order it here.

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video above, and catch The Knowgoods live at Valve Bar in Sydney on July 13th.