PREMIERE: Camp Crush share their epic new video for The Last Hour

The Last Hour, the epic and cinematic new track from Camp Crush, flaunts a spectacular feeling of grandeur that’ll have you feeling like you’re inside a feature film.

Portland-based husband and wife duo Camp Crush share a synergy between members that most bands are incapable of possessing.

Not only do the duo create shimmering synth-driven pop music together, but they also live and parent together – the result is a tight-knit sound where vocals and instrumentation meld seamlessly into one another.

On their new single The Last Hour, Camp Crush adopt characteristics of pop, 80’s new wave, and dream-pop to deliver a sound that is unique to themselves.

Made up of Jennifer Deale (synths, keys, vocal) and Chris Spicer (drums, vocals), the duo glide through a cinematic brand of indie-pop that is completely endearing and damn-near mesmerising.

Deale’s gauzy vocals sail through the lush instrumentation to create something that feels like the soundtrack to your new favourite film.

The track strips back to isolated vocals, before reemerging more impactful and epic than before.

Definitely keep an eye out for more from Camp Crush… with an EP and a strong string of singles under their belts, this band is seemingly incapable of releasing a weak track.

Do yourself a favour and watch the video for The Last Hour above, and catch Camp Crush live at any of the following dates:

June 23rd – Tagaris, Richland, Washington
June 28th – Holocene, Portland, Oregon