PREMIERE: The Seaport & The Airport releases glitchy new single

PREMIERE: The Seaport & The Airport vents his artistic frustration in glitchy new hit Two Trick Pony

By way of Perfect Hair Records comes the latest from NZ/Sydney based producer The Seaport & The Airport. Filled with crackling, glitchy undertones, Two Trick Pony is full of surprises.

Opening with a crisp blend of beats, the single marries the mysterious with the warm and inviting. This ebbs and flows with an anticipatory trajectory as synth is injected at intervals, bulking up the track with an original drum and bass flavour.

The Seaport & The Airport

Having lived across a number of countries creating music, it’s hardly surprising that the sound of The Seaport & The Airport is very much a multi-faceted one.

It’s only when a far off, yearning vocal enters that there is a storyline present, a conversation between two people. It’s a subtle yet effective use of vox technique, creating something which is hard to do in an electronic track.

The song wraps up with a fraction of an interview between the artist and a journalist. While seemingly pleasant at first, the artist’s frustration builds and builds, ending in indignation.

He laments his frustration at the lack of respect for art and the exploitations of artists and musicians. It’s only here that the title of the track Two Trick Pony becomes overwhelmingly relevant.

The Seaport & The Airport is a project built under the watchful eye of experience and an understanding of global electronic music. Without losing sight of his original math rock style, this artist has crafted  a conversation between drum and bass, politics and rock. 

This single stands as a taste of the producer’s upcoming record Power Moves, and introduces the The Seaport & The Airport’s sonic confidence and unfaltering attitude.