PREMIERE: These Walls from Anna Cordell is spellbinding

Trust me when I tell you that Melbourne songstress Anna Cordell will melt your heart. Maker of endearingly honest melancholic folk-pop, her debut EP These Walls is an endless well of introspection that you will fall deeper and deeper into listen after listen.

Anna Cordell These Walls

Melancholy never sounded so good on These Walls from Anna Cordell. A debut EP forged in the fires of dreamy acoustic melodies and serene vocals.

Singer-songwriter, storyteller and mother of four, Anna is the wearer of many daisy-chained hats. Learning piano, guitar and musical theory, she soon put her musical passions on hold when she became a young mum. But, unable to relinquish her lust for music, once her children were all grown up she decided to dust off her acoustic guitar and take the stage at some of Melbourne’s best venues.

Releasing her debut single I’ll Wait Here earlier this year, her infectiously haunting folk-pop tune has been played all over community radio and was placed on Double J’s top 10 new songs of the week list. Now, heading back into the studio with producer Dave Manton (LULUC, Matt Walker, Gossling), she has five more harrowingly beautiful tracks to share.

Abounding in tender vocal hooks that weave an honest story about her struggles, regrets, hopes and dreams, her debut EP reflects upon the walls she had to overcome. Opener Michael is an angelic tune adorned in delicate strings. Written about a spirit who looked over Anna during her younger years, its ethereal violin coat the impassioned vocals in melancholy. Honest lyrics about longing and regret continue in acoustic guitar-laden tune Now I Know. Taking us down a dimly lit path, Anna asks in her alluring Australian tone, “Will you take me back and can you forgive?” as her emotional angst washes over you.

Dreamy folk track Run Around is a slow and sauntering journey through the darkened corners of her mind. Opening with breathy vocals “I run around with my head stuck in the clouds as the world walks straight on by. I’m lost in the crowd, I keep tripping up on all that is set before me,” the tune brims with soul-soaked lyrics doused in yearning. Keeping the dreamy vibes flowing, Blue Rose is a whimsical jaunt amongst Anna’s honeyed oohs and ahhs before the final melancholic tale, These Walls, drenches you in soothing guitar strumming.

Endearingly honest, every lyric sheds a little more light on this captivating folk-pop songstress. Pouring her soul into her debut EP, she is a genuine storyteller who has so graciously allowed us to step into her world of struggles, regrets, hopes and dreams. Launching These Walls at Fitzroy’s Little & Olver on August 29, make sure you head on over to hear her beautifully emotive tunes.