PREMIERE: Thorne delivers a package of soul-distilled funkadelia on D.N.A

Thorne is coming in hot with an EP stacked to the nines with tasteful funky jams perfectly suited to any occasion.

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Dripping with eclectic grooves that penetrate deep to the bone, D.N.A, the new EP from Thorne, is something of a sensitive, funk-bomb masterpiece.

With tracks like Right and Body Ache, you’ll be finding yourself constantly double-checking that you’re not, in fact, listening to new music from Stevie Wonder.

If the soul-bending funky clavicle of the first track didn’t have you absolutely hooked, then the brilliance of Thorne’s horn and guitar compositions will surely have you addicted. Right is the sort of track you sneakily slide onto the queue at a friend’s place then sit back and enjoy the infectious groove manifest on the faces of your crew as they submit to the jam in a mixture of shock and awe.

Thorne doesn’t resist showing his softer, more personal side in tracks like God Made Man which takes the rhythm down a notch to tell an intimate story of the controversies of love and moral affliction.

Body Ache, a personal favourite on the EP, sees Thorne gently navigate an ambient electronic soundscape before dropping you straight back into the middle of a rhythmic, Latin-sounding groove utopia. It feels like you’ve suddenly walked into a street party somewhere in suburban Santiago. If you’re stuck at home on the grind then bring South-American exotica to you with this flawless butt-shaker.

Thorne truly flexes his fine-tuned ear for the balance of highs and lows which passionate music lovers listen for on an album, producing a work that is dynamic in its rhythmic reach but consistently well-refined in all of its various moods. It is exactly these sort of contrasts between pace and mood which make the EP so refreshing and fun to listen to.

D.N.A is so freshly hot of the press, it’s still steaming. Stream the shit out of it above.