Police find 400kg of meth hidden inside Sriracha bottles

Police find 400kg of meth hidden inside Sriracha bottles

Just when we all thought Sriracha couldn’t get any more addictive, these guys have gone and proved everybody wrong.

Four people have been arrested over smuggling of 400kg of methylamphetamine into Australia, hidden in hundreds of bottles of Sriracha imported from the US.

Photos: NSW Police Force

In some seriously saucy news, four Sydney men have been arrested for the alleged importation of 400kg of meth, hidden in hundreds of bottles of Sriracha.

The consignment was detected by border security on Tuesday the 15th of October, and a subsequent analysis found that it contained 768 bottles of sriracha, with testing returning a positive indicator for meth, or ice.

A preliminary analysis found that the bottles contained something a little bit more red hot than just Sriracha: roughly 400kg of meth, which has an estimated street value of more than $300 million. Spicy.

Strike Force Diffey investigators, with assistance from Australian Federal Police and ABF, then conducted a controlled delivery of the packages. The consignment was then followed by investigators, which resulted in the arrests of four men, who I’m sure were all feeling the heat.

“This has been a complex investigation and we know the methylamphetamine in this import was headed for a clandestine lab in the Sydney Metropolitan area for the extraction process to occur,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Smith said.

Acting ABF Regional Commander for NSW, Matt O’Connor, said that this operation had prevented roughly four million hits of ice from ending up on the streets.

“Methamphetamine, or ice, has a devastating effect on the community every single day – and the ABF will continue working with our domestic law enforcement partners to stop those who try to import this life destroying drug,” Commander O’Connor said.

“This detection should serve as a warning to criminal groups that no matter how clever you think you are being in the way that you attempt to conceal and move your drugs, our officers have the skills, technology and the resources to find them and track down the people who are attempting to bring them in.”