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Elderly couple accidentally sent $10 million worth of meth

Imagine opening your door to a package filled with $10 million worth of meth wrongly addressed to you. What would you do with it?

Well, regardless of what you would do with all that meth, this actually happened to an elderly couple in Melbourne’s south-east earlier this month.

Photo by: Markus Spiske

The elderly pair signed for a package, not knowing it contained approximately 20 kilograms of drugs which were definitely not meant for them.

The hefty parcel was delivered to their home in Hoppers Crossing, and when the couple ripped open the package, they were mortified to find that it was packed to the brim with bags of white powder. Some people’s wildest dreams, but for them, it was a nightmare.

Senior Sergeant Matthew Kershaw said “they weren’t sure what it was,” but after observing the “unusual” white substance in bags, they called the police straight away.

Surprisingly enough, it was meth. Twenty kilograms and an estimated $10 million dollars worth of methamphetamine, which police believe was shipped to the wrong postal address by mistake. A win for police without much effort.

Sergeant Kershaw admitted that “when you think about it, $10 million worth of drugs sent to the wrong address: that’s quite incredible to comprehend that someone could be that sloppy in relation to their organisation,” he said. “[however it is clearly] a win for police and for the broader community.”


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May 14, 2019